Simplifying Compliance for Registered Investment Advisers, Broker-Dealers, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity Funds

​The regulatory landscape is constantly changing and becoming more complex. More regulation is meant to protect investors, but has placed a heavy burden on financial services firms. Successfully meeting the myriad of compliance requirements requires access to expertise, clear advice, and practical solutions.


A partnership with A.B.C. Consulting will provide access to the experience and resources to build and maintain an effective compliance program. We work with you to understand your business and design solutions that work best for you in meeting your regulatory requirements.

We are A.B.C. Consulting

​A.B.C. Consulting is a compliance consulting firm providing solutions that simplify compliance for registered investment advisers, broker-dealers, hedge funds, and private equity funds. ​ Whether you have one or multiple entities, or are newly registered or established, we have the experience and aptitude to deliver practical solutions that simplify your compliance challenges.

Why Us?

An effective compliance program is dynamic and should constantly evolve in response to changing regulatory requirements, business risks, new product offerings and new technology. As a result, compliance management can be a complex responsibility requiring valuable time that can be better spent on primary business activities.  Our experienced team of consultants understand these dynamics and how to streamline your compliance needs to help you stay focused on growing your business. 


Simplifying Compliance